DiagnoCure introduced Previstage, the first molecular diagnostic for colorectal cancer.  Previstage enables clinicians to accurately stage a CRC patient, thus providing increased peace of mind in the treatment protocol.  The visual vocabulary for Previstage highlighted the uncertainty felt by many early stage CRC patients. Has my cancer spread?  How do I know for sure?

In preparation for product launch, 321 Medical Launch partnered with the Colon Cancer Alliance on their inaugural Undy 5000, a 5K marathon to motivate people to get screened and to bring together local communities to celebrate colon cancer survivors and their families. Previstage was prominently featured at the event and within all publicity.  DiagnoCure also hosted a team to participate in the run.

Print materials and a patient-centric website were created to educate patients and caregivers on CRC and the Previstage molecular diagnostic test.  The site included a list of questions to ask your doctor, assistance with reimbursement, and links for additional information.