We have tons of first-to-market stories and outstanding case studies to share with you, such as the launch of the first PSA test and first in-office flu diagnostic.  Just ask us!  For brevity’s sake, we selected a few of our more recent endeavors for you to view here.

Three components must be present for any launch to be successful.  First, a clear understanding of the target audiences.  Yes, there are many, and each is uniquely significant.  Most products have an economic buyer, an end user, multiple influencers and even a gatekeeper.

Second, an unbiased evaluation of the competitive landscape. Experience really counts here; competition can come from unexpected places.

Lastly, a clear plan detailing how to best position your product in relation to the competition and in accordance with the needs of your various audiences.

Once this foundation is in place, our creative team goes to work to create an engaging, on target campaign that delivers real results.