Why 321 Medical Launch?

321 Medical Launch is an agency where strategies take shape and visions are realized.  We thrive in a world of innovation and change, yet we value rigor and long lasting relationships.  Our employees have an average tenure of 12 years and some of our client relationships date back over 20 years!

The combination of our deep knowledge of medical branding and marketing, award-winning creative and full comprehensive services sets us apart even further.  Whether you need a complete launch program, including naming, research, branding and collateral, or a new website, we’re ready to help.  Our team understands the issues that you face each day and the drivers or uncertainties of the audiences you need to reach.

So, as you find yourself on the brink of a medical breakthrough – a life enhancing and possibly even life saving innovation – and as you prepare to share your new product with the world, you need an agency that is right there beside you.  It is a perilous journey navigating competitive waters, multiple audiences and a watchful FDA.  Wouldn’t it be nice to know that your agency has already travelled that path… many times before?


A truly great marketing program begins with several key ingredients.  The first is a deep knowledge of the industry.  What are the drivers?  Who are the key decision makers?  How do you reach them? Who are the influencers?  And equally as important, who could derail a decision?  Our team is comprised of medical device and life science veterans who know the answer to those questions and more.  We have a long legacy of successful campaigns that have exceeded expectations.  And, we’re careful not to rest on our laurels.  As the industry is evolving at an accelerated rate, we are helping our clients keep pace on the marketing front.

The second ingredient is a strategic mindset.  We believe that creative genius begins with a solid positioning that clearly differentiates your product or company in the minds of your customers, investors or partners.

The last ingredient is flawless implementation.  We achieve this daily with a combination of award-winning creative plus outstanding customer service. Whether you are looking for a turn-key product launch or a redesigned website, we will dedicate our strategic thinking, creativity and fine-tuned processes to deliver a product that we will all be proud to share.


The leadership at 321 Medical Launch has worked together as a team for nearly the entire existence of the agency.  Each partner brings a unique skill set and independent perspective resulting in a product and a process that is truly remarkable.

Guy Iannuzzi, also a life science veteran, founded the agency over 30 years ago and has played a critical role in the growth, acquisition, funding and product launch activities for hundreds of life science companies.  His recent experience has evolved into coaching foreign countries on the development of life science clusters.

Tracy Mitsunaga is a partner and executive creative director.  Tracy has the innate (and rare) ability to combine heart stopping creative with a strategic objective that delivers real results.

Audrey Fagan Miranda is our general manager and the partner in charge of keeping all of our projects running smoothly – on time and on budget.