BIOCOM Hosts 6th Annual Medical Device & Diagnostics Expo

There was a full house this past Tuesday as venture capitalists, industry influencers, and a host of other med tech individuals gathered to celebrate advancements in medical technologies at BIOCOM’s 6th Annual Medical Device & Diagnostics Expo. The event was a unique experience, where attendees from all over were able to see, first hand, what the future holds in the hottest lifesaving technologies that exist today.

The event kicked off with the arrival of the exhibitors, arriving early to set up their booths and product displays. As guests began to arrive, they were treated to personalized demonstrations of each product as they made the rounds on the Expo floor. Exhibitors showcased their latest, most innovative device and diagnostic tools to a growing audience, as judges circled the floor in search of the products they believed demonstrated the highest levels of technical excellence and medical significance.

After several hours of engaging product demonstrations and valuable networking, the evening concluded with the judges, a panel of 8 VCs and industry experts, recognizing their choices in an awards ceremony.

The “I Would Invest In This” Award went to Yolia Health for their product True Vision Treatment, a non-invasive and fully reversible procedure for treating presbyopia (a normal eye condition that affects everyone over forty and causes decreased focusing ability for near objects).

The “Why Didn’t I Think of That?” Award – given to the device or diagnostic tool that meets a blatant unmet need in an elegantly simplistic and obvious way – went to FemCap, Inc. for their product FemmyCycle, a menstrual blood-collecting receptacle. “This product is a game changer. It’s simple, it’s safe, it saves money, it saves the planet and it can save your life,” said judge Lorie Shoemaker, Chief Nurse Executive, Palomar Health, when presenting the award, “What’s not to love about the FemmyCycle?”

The “Life Changing” Award is for the device or diagnostic tool that has had the biggest difference on an individual and addresses the greatest medical need. It went to ImpediMed for L-Dex U400, a product that provides an instant tool for assisting in the clinical assessment of lymphedema progression as well as an easy way to track change in a patient over time. “Early diagnosis can have a profound impact on outcomes,” said judge Stan Fleming, Managing Member, Forward Ventures.

The “Far Out” Award, given to the device or diagnostic tool that is so innovative it borders science fiction to most people, and the audience voted “People’s Choice” Award both went to Ichor Medical Systems for their product TriGrid-ID. Ichor developed a proprietary clinical device for delivering DNA vaccines into tissues using electroporation. “The need for effective delivery of vaccines, especially in emerging countries, could be the single biggest life changing unmet need,” said judge Bob More, General Partner, Frazier Healthcare Partners.